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The Justin Moore Podcast

Feb 17, 2022

This week Justin and JR are joined by future tourmate Granger Smith. They kick it off by recapping the Super Bowl, with Dr. Dre and the halftime show being Justin’s favorite part.


Granger shares his new radio host position with iHeart, After Midnight With Granger Smith. He also shares how he was recently filming for...

Feb 10, 2022

This week the guys bring on country duo Muscadine Bloodline, who are big Auburn fans so of course it kicks off with sports, specifically basketball. The day this was taped, was a few hours before Arkansas upset #1 Auburn!


The Muscadine boys tell a funny story about Kip Moore saying he can beat Justin in basketball,...

Feb 3, 2022

JR starts off the episode by showing off his new studio setup to those who watch this on YouTube. This week they bring on Justin’s sports radio co-host, Arkansas football legend, and Razorback enthusiast David Bazzel.


Bazzel shares his story, including his involvement in multiple college football awards...