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The Justin Moore Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

This week on the Justin Moore podcast the guys bring on one of the biggest stars from the Lone Star State, Academy Award winning actor, New York Times bestselling author of Greenlights, Texas’ Minister of Culture, and Austin FC co-owner Matthew McConaughey.


They talk about everything from chewing tobacco, their favorite sports teams, the reward of being a father, and some stories most have never heard. Matthew tells Justin and JR some country music stories like how he became friends with Jamey Johnson, and his role in a Trisha Yearwood music video.


They end the episode hoping to attend the next Arkansas vs Texas football game together, with the possibility of a similar wager that Matthew made with Jamey Johnson years ago… Be sure to go get his new book Greenlights, in which Justin recommends listening to the audiobook voiced by Matthew himself.


The Justin Moore Podcast is sponsored by: Bobcat CompanyThis episode is brought to you by Ranch Water, Airstream, Bangtail Whiskey and This Little Piggy.


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